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In this current era, students have no time to calculate their GPAs manually as it is a time-consuming process to calculate CGPA for 5 or 8 subjects. We have a solution that makes your calculations easy.

cgpa calculator
91 to 100A110
81 to 90A29
71 to 80B18
61 to 70B27
51 to 60C16
41 to 50C25
33 to 40D14
21 to 32D20
00 to 20F0
cgpa calculator

What is CGPA ?

Cgpa is defined as Cumulative grade point average. It is used by most of the higher education systems worldwide. CGPA is also defined as the average of grade points obtained in all subjects

What is CGPA Calculator ?

CGPA calculator is a tool used to calculate your automatically. It makes your calculation so easy that you have to insert your GPA per semester it will give you results in one click.

How to calculate GPA and CGPA using calculator

The use of CGPA Calculator is very easy. We will guide you in detail on How to use the CGPA calculator. You have to follow the given steps below, and you will find your CGPA easily.

steps to follow :

1: First, you have to select your grading system. For example, if you have a grading system out of 4, you can select that, and if you have a grading system out of 10, you can also select from the calculator.

2: The second step is to enter your subject name, the grade you obtained, and the credit hours of that subject. By default, there are 3 subjects, and their corresponding data is shown. If you want to add more subjects, you just have to click on add subject, and you will get one more subject to insert.

3: If you want to delete a specific subject, there is a red cross for that. Just click on that, and your specific subject will be deleted.

4: After inserting data in SEMESTER 1, you can also add another semester and insert data in it, and so on. You can also delete the specific semester by clicking on delete semester. If you want to delete all semesters and calculate from scratch, you can also do that by clicking on Delete All Semester.

5: The final step is to click on the ” calculate CGPA ” button to get your calculated CGPA. The progress bar indicates your position out of total CGPA, and you also get suggestions on the basis of your CGPA



  • You can calculate your cgpa more efficiently and in less time.
  • The usage of CGPA calculator is very simple.
  • You will get eye catchy interface.
  • The progress bar will indicates your current position without any hectic procedure.


  • You must have internet connection to access this website.
  • You have to follow the given steps otherwise you will not get your accurate CGPA.
  • Student will be easy as they can know their result before the final result.

What is GPA ?

The question is, if we have a cumulative grading point average, then what is GPA?

GPA is the grading point average by which the cumulative grading point system average is formed. It is the result or grades of every semester obtained by a student. If a student obtains good grades, they can achieve a higher GPA.

Why we use CGPA not only GPA ?

GPA is the grade, or you can say the performance of only one semester, or you can say the performance of six months. On the other hand, CGPA cumulative grade point average is formed by some of at least 2 semesters or after one year.

Most of the CBSE and HEC systems used this CGPA method in their education systems.

Do You Know?

The grading system was invented by William Farish, a professor at Cambridge University, England in 1972. He introduced CGPA as he wanted to understand his students’ minds and make sure they grasp what is taught to them and help assess their performance

Benefits of using this GPA and CGPA calculator

Max grading system :

As shown above, there are two types of grading systems are given. First is out of 4 grading system, and second is out of 10 grading system. The user can select the grading system according to its needs. For example, if a user is from India, they can select 10 grading system as out of 10 grading system is used in India.

If a user is from Pakistan, they can select out of 4 grading systems out of 4 grading systems used in Pakistan. And other users can also select according to their needs.

Adjustable Semester :

There is not any fixed semester added in the calculator; users can add semesters according to their needs. They can also delete all semesters in one click.

Adjustable subjects :

Users can also select subjects according to their semester or their requirements. They can also delete or add subjects further.

Progress bar :

There is a progress bar in the calculator that shows the current position of your academic career. When the user clicks on calculate cgpa, the bar will run and show the progress.

2 in 1 calculator :

The key feature of this calculator its that you can calculate your cgpa and gpa and at once. When the user fills in the required fields, the GPA will calculate dynamically without any clicking on the button.

When the user wants to know their CGPA, they can click on calculate CGPA, and they will get the results.

Suggestion box :

Lastly, there is a suggestion box in the calculator. When the user calculates their GPA, the suggestions will appear on the basis of their GPA. This will help the user and motivate them to work harder.

CGPA Calculator for all universities

The calculator we provide you on this website can be applicable to most of the universities that use the GPA grading system because, in this CGPA calculator, we give you all the options that most students require to calculate their CGPA.

Online CGPA calculator for all

Students from all over the world can calculate their CGPAs from the given calculator whether they are from INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, USA, CANADA, or NIGERIA.

Universities in Pakistan

UCP, UMT, UOL, FAST, LUMS, NUST etc. The students from other than given universities can also calculate their GPA using the above calculator.

Universities in India

And the universities which uses CGPA grading system in INDIA are :

Anna University, Mumbai University, GTU, SPPU, VTU, CEPT, CHAITANYA BHARATHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CHRIST University, and much more. Students from other than these universities in India can also calculate their CGPA from the above calculator.

Universities in Bangladesh

As we discussing about universities from India and Pakistan lets also discuss about universities of Bangladesh which uses CGPA grading systems. The universities uses CGPA grading system in Bangladesh are :

Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, National University, Chittagong university, Bangladesh Agricultural University, and many more. Students who are studying in these universities can also calculate their GPA using the GPA calculator given above.

Formula to get CGPA

Formula to calculate cgpa manually :

CGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Subjects CGPA = Fail / No. of Subjects CGPA = Fail / No. of Subjects.

How to Use CGPA Calculator to Boost Your Academic Success

If you want to get results accurate, you have to use your tool or anything correctly.
Every student wants to get a high CGPA that excels in their academic career and, after, professional career.

The correct use of cgpa calculator will help you to achieve your academic goal. You can use the CGPA calculator after every semester to see the difference between this and past semester results.

Eventually this will help you to trace your current and past academic situation. If a student calculates CGPA and finds that they are doing better than before the past semester, this will encourage them to/get better results if they put in more effort.

And vice versa, If a student gets bad results, they can also improve by getting good grades next semester.

The Benefits of Using CGPA Calculator for Students and Teachers

Everything has its benefits, CGPA Calculator also has its benefits. Students, as well as teachers, can also enjoy the benefits of a CGPA calculator that will help them in the future.

For students, it is a necessary tool because they have to calculate their GPA after every semester or every year. By using the tool we provided, students can calculate their grades more accurately and effectively.

But the question is how this tool can help the teachers?
Teachers can also take advantage of cgpa calculator for calculating the grades of their students.

In the past, teachers had to calculate the grades of their students manually, which was a very hectic and time-consuming process. However, with this tool, teachers can find the CGPA of their students by just putting grades into the calculator.

This tool is also helpful for the management who have to declare their final GPA in universities or high schools.

cgpa calculator

Why students need CGPA calculator

As students of universities and high schools have to calculate their CGPA after every semester or after every year, they need some tool that will help them to calculate their CGPA in less time with more accuracy; they use a CGPA calculator as it meets their requirements.

Other grading systems than CGPA

Many countries in the world do not use cgpa system and use other grading system. They mostly use grades and then convert into percentage.

for example is United Kindom, grading system is like A*,A+ and A- etc. After that these grades converts into percentage where A* is 90% or above, A is 80-89%, B is 70-79%, C is 60-69%, D is 50-59%, E is 40-49%, and F is below 40%.

In the Germany, numerical values are used from 1 to 6. for example 1 is the highest grade and 6 comes in last considerd as worst grade.

The grades are converted into percentages, where 1.0 is 95-100%, 1.3 is 90-94%, 1.7 is 85-89%, 2.0 is 80-84%, 2.3 is 75-79%, 2.7 is 70-74%, 3.0 is 65-69%, 3.3 is 60-64%, 3.7 is 55-59%, 4.0 is 50-54%, 4.3 is 45-49%, 4.7 is 40-44%, 5.0 is 35-39%, and 6.0 is below 35%. 

There are many other countries that uses different grading system. Australia, Canada, and many other countries uses their own grading systems.

There is also other calculators that helps students to calculate cgpa to percentage and percentage to cgpa. You can also use them from our website.

FAQ’s CGPA Calculator

CGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Subjects.

You can calculate CGPA in university by formula:
CGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Subjects.

CGPA is calculated by some of all the grades points divided by total number of subjects.
CGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Subjects.

No, It does not support offline. You have to get active internet connection to access this calculator.


Cumulative grade points average (CGPA) is the type of result obtained by students after one year or more. To calculate CGPA, we provide you with a CGPA calculator for your ease.

By using the GPA calculator, students can find their CGPA and GPA easily and efficiently. This cgpa calculator is valid for most of all the universities in the world.

If a student wants to calculate in out of 10 grading systems, they can, and if in out of 4 grading systems, they can also do that. In short, the GGPA calculator gives ease to students and gives their results in a quicker way.